What is Fabric GSM & OZYARD

Know More About Fabric GSM & OZ

Today we will learn about gsm & oz/yd in fabric?

you heard gsm & oz/yard in the fabric industry many times. Both of these are ways to measure fabric remedies and have different values.

all fabrics have different gsm & oz/yd. but compared to oz/yd, most people use gsm.
oz/yd unit is basically used in the USA while GSM is used in Europe & India.

Now let’s Understand What is GSM?


GSM “gram square meter”, is used to measure the weight of the fabric. Whenever you deal with the fabric industry people say it’s 200gsm fabric or 300 gsm fabric. Have you ever bothered about what it is, how it gets calculated?
Here is a simple calculation of gsm.

Let’s take an example to understand more.

let’s assume the fabric’s width is 60 inches and has a 300-gram weight in 1 meter. So now how to calculate gsm.

here we go :

GSM= Fabric’s weight/fabric’s width in cm
GSM=197 gsm.

It simply concludes the weight of 100 square cm will be 197 gsm. Now it’s also not necessary that gsm will be less than the fabric weight, the gsm is also directly proportional to weight.

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What is oz/yard – oz/yard ” ounce per yard” is used to measure the weight of fabric similar to GSM. I believe you have heard that an ounce is made of pounds.
1 yard = 36 inch
1 ounce = 28.3495 grams

Example – suppose fabric width is 60” and fabric gsm is 197 then let’s find out the oz/yard?
Fabric gsm divided into inches of 1-meter fabric and then multiplied to inches to one yard.
=180.13 oz/yard

It simply means if fabric gsm is 197 and then oz/yard will be 180.13

I hope you are now clear about the gsm and oz/yd.

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