Print fabric

Textile printing is the process of applying color on fabric in definite patterns or designs. with the help of textile printing, you can print very good designs on The Cotton, Polyester , Rayon & Etc fabric, and the quality also durable.

We do many types of printing like screen printing, rotary printing, and digital printing these all printing are having some kind of basic difference that’s why all printing quality is also different.

We do have three types of printing

  • Screen printing -Screen printing is a completely manual process in this we put fabric on the table and then do the design this printing is purely hand based process and mostly happen in small quantity.
  • Rotary printing – This technique is also called roller printing and the whole design process on fabric is done by with the help of the machine. basically this kind of printing we used to print the same design in the long run.
  • Digital printing–  In this method, you give the command from the computer to the machine, and the machine prints the same on the fabric it’s like a printer machine process and it’s very expensive also. this kind of printing we can do on both types of fabric cotton & polyester and digital print is a premier printing option in the printing industry.

Screen Printing

Red Solid Cotton Canvas Fabric

Digital printing

Unstitched Flower Print Canvas Fabric