What is Greige & Finish Fabrics?

In this article, we will talk about greige & finish fabric, whenever we talk about the textile industry we heard about these two fabrics a lot.

1 – Greige fabric

2- FInish fabric (any solid color)

But what these fabrics are used to and what is the difference between the two, we have to know before our buying call. let us check it out below.

1 Greige fabric – Greige this word is creating from two different worlds that are grey + beige = Greige. whenever we talk about greige fabric or hear about it, Most people feel the fabric which has grey color is called greige fabric. but do you know it is not true at all? This fabric is related to the standard of quality which gets ready after weaving or knitting. That kind of fabric is called greige fabric and it has off white color & its Raw type of fabric.

Unstitched Greige Cotton Muslin Fabric


2- Finish fabric – It is clear from the fabric name itself, Finish fabric is that fabric that is finished at the extreme point and ready for end-use. Generally, we finish the greige fabric because this fabric is also related to the standard of quality and it has either white color or any solid color.


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Differences between Greige & Finish fabric



# Grigie fabric has heavy in weight

# Finish fabric has light in weight.


# Grige fabric has a large width like 63 Inches.

# Finish fabric has less width compare to Grigie fabric. If we finish the 63′ width greige fabric, the width becomes 56 to 58′ after the finishing.


# Greige fabric is cheaper in price

# Finish fabric is costly in price


# Greige fabric has off-white or natural in color.

# Finish fabric can be white or any solid in color.


# Grigie fabric feels hard and rough.

# Finish fabric feels very soft and rich.


# Greige fabric can be used for interlinings, linings and etc

# Finish fabric can be used for garments, home textiles, and etc


# The main objective of greige fabric is to finish the fabric at an extreme point.

# The main objective of finish fabric is to use finish fabric products for end-use like garments, printing and etc

How to make

# Gargie fabric is made by weaving and knitting.

# Finish fabric is made by doing some process on greige fabric and made it finish.




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