What is Footwear Fabric?

Footwear fabric consists of multiple fabrics that are used in the shoe industry like leather, nylon, polyester, etc. leather and synthetics are commonly used for shoe manufacturing. Each fabric has its own look and price.

These fabrics are used in the manufacturing of shoes to make them more comfortable and strong. Shoes can not be made without fabric example: In leather shoes, we use fusing fabric, this is a small part of fabric but it cannot be removed and few shoes are fully manufactured from fabric like canvas and espadrille, sports shoes, etc.


Use of Footwear Fabric


1. InterLining Fabric

This fabric is used under the shoe lining, and it supports leather and synthetic. Basically, these kinds of fabrics are fusing fabric that’s why it can get stick-on leather by heating. This is the most commonly used fabric in the show industry. In interlining fabric, we used both fabrics (cotton & polyester) but for the maximum time we use the cotton fabric is because the cotton fabric is very sustainable although it depends on the shoe’s leather and synthetic.

what is footwear fabric?

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2. Lining Fabric

Footwear lining is that area that is more visible and here we used either printed fabric or any other good looks fabric which makes shoes more attractive, That’s the reason shoe lining fabric price is expensive and the quality is also long-lasting .basically this gets in contact with the entire feet. The main purpose of this to cover the seams inside of shoes and perform walk comfortably. Shoe lining can be made out of various materials and we offer many types of material for shoe lining. we use this fabric along with a back backer Due to which the strength of this fabric becomes very strong and it also leads to cutting easily.

What is footwear fabric

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3. Upper Fabric

This kind of fabric we use in the upper part of the shoes and this fabric is having very good durability. this fabric is much more expensive ye fabric expensive so that shoes look good sometimes even we use this fabric on the upper part along with leather and sometimes we use this fabric as full coverage for the upper.

# Canvas Fabric

# Twill Fabric

# Printed Fabric

# Cottondyed Fabric

# Check Fabric

# Mesh Fabric

# Denim Fabric

This kind of fabric looks good and it is also eco-friendly. That is the reason we have a huge demand for this fabric in the market.

What is footwear fabric

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4. Upper Lining

In Footwear, we called upper lining which uses in under the upper part so basically, this lining provides strength to the upper part of the fabric.

This is a very important fabric in shoes because it makes shoes very comfortable normally brushing or soft fabric use in this part. Apart from that, some fabric is used with cushion laminating but mostly the cotton brushing fabric is used because after wearing shoes we get sweat in the feet and cotton fabric absorbs it and it gives you comfort zone. Many people use cotton fabric also because it is affordable and sustainable for all Footwear manufacturers.

What is footwear fabric?

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