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Air Mesh fabric – Pro & Cons of air mesh fabric

Air Mesh fabric – Pro & Cons of air mesh fabric

Air Mesh fabric – Pro & Cons of air mesh fabric


What is Air Mesh fabric?

Air mesh fabric is a category of mesh fabric. This fabric is made by the knitted machine, which is polyester yarn. The air mesh fabric also Known as sandwich fabric because it has three parts. The upper, middle, and lower face which composed of three-layer. This surface is usually meshed design, the middle layer connects the bottom & Upper surface, its usually close weave flat surface, that’s why it is known as ‘sandwich fabric’. this fabric looks like a net and it is very flexible and it has huge use in the market, this fabric is designed for airflow and cushioning. Air mesh fabric is very smooth and comfortable; you can use this fabric very easily, this fabric is used by many industries for making products. This air mesh fabric is very durable and useful for a long time.

Use of air mesh fabric

We can use this fabric in different components in different industries, but the main objective cushioning of this fabric has to be provided.

1- Bag

2- Chair

3- Shoes

4- Slipper

5- Bike Seat Cover 

And apart from this, you can use this fabric according to your needs.

Pro & cons of air mesh fabric


1- This fabric is so comfortable. 

2- This fabric doesn’t get react with water, It is an eco-friendly fabric.

3- This fabric can be cleaned very easily.

4- Easy to use.


1- This fabric is less expensive.

2- This fabric has no market awareness.

3- This fabric composition is Polyester & Nylon yarn.

4- This fabric you can’t get easily in the market.

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